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So fricken irritated with this financial aid BS.
Please tell me why they need my husband's tax forms when we weren't married until December of 2009? We filed married but filing separately. && why in the heck are they not giving me my military spouse discount? I've asked both of these questions to my financial advisor && she simply stated because it's policy. I don't care if it's policy all of this was done and faxed to her before I started in December. I enrolled in September. Tell me why she still hasn't received it? Or did she lose it && is trying to put the blame on me. I'm sorry that your an unorganized mousy looking woman, but don't try blaming me for YOUR mistake.

Did I mention I also have to drive 19 miles to a hospital I didn't apply to work at tomorrow. I have to work 12 hours at a hospital that beds 90 patients the busiest they've ever been was a patient count of 53. I'm pretty sure if the roads are slick …

Far Away

Damn insomnia.
I feel like I am 18 again. I think it's because I haven't had a blog since then lol.
I hate when Alex is gone. I don't ever sleep. I nap. It's no bueno.
Especially since I have to work tomorrow at 8 in the morning.
So yes that means I had my hopes up all day that he would be able to come home just to get that text message saying i'm not coming home tonight =[.

I bought a book today. It's the first book from the Lauren Conrad series. I loved her on The Hills. So I figured I could give her books a chance. Not to mention I've been in the reading mood lately, the books I really wanted to read I bought for a classmate. I figured I'd pass the time, waiting for Maureen to finish those books, by reading LC's books. Which reminds I should probably hit the hay, or rather listen to pandora radio && read until I fall asleep.

Weather Blows

So Alex left on Friday.
Yes, I am fully aware that it's just WLC but knowing that my six months with him has been cut in half is killing me. He comes home every night at about 9pm, but is so tired that he goes straight to bed. He leaves at 5am && the routine starts all over. Tonight he may not even come home because of the stupid weather. Stupid snow/ice almost made me get into a wreck today. I had to go into oncoming traffic and nearly into a ditch just to avoid an accident. I'm sure if I were to tell my husband he wouldn't mind. I'm sure he would rather me go into a ditch then smash the back of another vehicle.

My stupid financial aid still hasn't gone thru yet. They aren't giving me my discount for being a military spouse, nor returning my calls. If I get dropped from my next class I'm just going to give up on school all together. This will be the third time my financial aid has screwed me over. Third time is supposed to be the charm right? Ha! I b…

Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!

My husband really frustrates me sometimes. I understand what it feels like to come home && be completely exhausted..but when you fall asleep on the couch can you please at least move to the bedroom when I ask you to. It took me an hour, before I finally gave up to get him off the couch && into the bedroom. He did what a child would do wakes up for 2 seconds && then went right back to sleep. So I took my phone set 3 alarms for him to wake up to && placed it on the end table by his ear. I wasn't going to go to bed if he wasn't going to move to the bedroom so I sat on the living room floor && watched Law & Order: SVU episodes until eventually he decided to wake up && go into the bedroom.

He leaves for WLC tomorrow. && the one night I have to spend with him was last night. I guess I could complain all I want, but I knew it was going to be like this when I married him. I knew I was barely going to spend any time with him &a…

6 Months...Not Really

So I was at work last night...&& I realized that Alex && I won't really have six months to spend with each other before he deploys. In all actuality, we will have about 3 1/2 to 4 months to spend together. I took out all of his field training, WLC, JRTC, his work schedule, my work schedule and my school schedule. It pretty much sucks. This year is going to suck. Everyone is hoping for this year to bring on new things for them. I just want it to come && go. I hate to say this, but I agree with Alex when he says "I just want this deployment to hurry up and get here so I can get it over with." I worried so much about him when he was deployed last && we weren't even together. Now that I am his wife I'm sure I will be a nervous wreck.

Everyone is telling me to do things to keep myself busy so I don't think about it. None of them have been through this. Believe me, I have a job that gives me enough hours to keep me busy && on…