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Alex left to go back to the field this morning. =[ I hate that he is gonna be gone for another six days. I guess it's better than a full year with no chance of seeing him ever. I don't know what I am gonna do when he deploys again. It's definitely gonna blow. It seems pretty nice out today. I miss Michigan though. =[ I miss my friends and family. Colorado is beautiful, but I definitely miss my small midwest town and everyone in it. I do get to go home this weekend, but just for my sister's graduation. I really didn't wanna go especially with me going to be home at the end of the month. Dad insisted though. I guess I can't argue...he did pay for it.

Later I get to go to the Smiths' house to fill out Alex's leave paperwork. I feel weird going over there by myself. I don't really know Dawn and Matt that well. Guess it's something I'm gonna have to get used to. I mean I do live in a state where I barely know anyone. I'm waiting to hear from J…