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I Must Say...

I have such an amazing husband. Especially when I am feeling low. He always knows the exact words to say. I know we haven't been married for very long, but that's how I know we know each other so well. We know exactly what to say to each other to make each other feel better.

These past three months have flew by, but have also been really tough. The girl I once was, is back. I didn't know I had changed that much, but apparently I had. Strange how the influence people once had on you changed you until they are not there anymore. I have been feeling quite guilty this past week about a few things, but then I talk to AJB and he reassures me that everything will be fine. It's things like that, that make me fall in love with him even more.

I never thought I could ever love or miss another living, breathing soul before until now. This deployment has definitely made my love for AJB grow more and more everyday. I mean I've always loved him, I mean really, I wouldn't of m…

&& If Your Curious My Favorite Color Is Blue

Went back to good ol' Muskegon, MI two weeks ago.
I had a great time. Spent some much needed time with my family.
It was definitely something I needed.
I came back feeling quite relaxed and not so stressed.

I wish we didn't live so far away.
I mean I definitely don't miss living in Muskegon,
but I do miss the people I left there.

Last I heard from AJB he was doing okay.
He thought he was coming down with pneumonia.
Gosh, I hope not.

He wants to be done when we gets back from this tour.
No more re-enlistments.
He wants to go to school and get his degree.
Then possibly go back in as an officer.

Whatever he decides I support him.