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Dirty Laundry

I’m not one to put personal business on the internet, but this is really bugging me. My mother is 44 years old and is literally a crackhead. She claims that she doesn’t do it, but when your boyfriend does it, your cousin, his wife, and your neighbor all do it and your around them 24/7 your going to do it. Even try it. I can’t believe she would do something like this. It has come to my attention that her boyfriend is wanted in six different counties in Michigan and she is helping him hide. That means trouble for her. She has a 12 year old child to take care of and not to mention a 20 year old disabled daughter. I am so lucky to have escaped the hell that she is putting those two through, but on the other hand feel terrible because I left them there.Anyway, every time I call her to chew her out, she answers and then I am the nicest person ever. I have come to the realization that I just need to not speak with her, and that maybe, hopefully, she will realize that her action…


The dogs are irritating the hell out of me. Seriously, Lucky won't calm the hell down. I am not one for hitting my dog, but I have spanked her so many times...and still nothing. My husband is having insecurities already and we aren't even two months down into this deployment. I have to reassure him that there is no one I want, only him. My biggest thing is I can't have guy friends but he can meet up with a girl he cheated on his ex with. Regardless, if they were in the same location for ten is unnecessary. I am not his ex-fiance ... or whatever she was ... I am me. I am not in this relationship for the money (coz' there isn't any), and I am not in it so I can have the best of both worlds (single life & married life). I am in this for him. AJB forever.
I'm slowly losing my strength and I don't want to. I want to be the strongest army wife ever. I want to be able to say next year, "Deployment...a piece of cake."…