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Talking with God

So the past few nights I've had problems falling asleep. I tried all the usual positions that tend to make me fall asleep. Nope. None worked. I found that it wasn't until I was talking with God, that I would fall asleep. Usually, I fell asleep while talking to him. Though I know he doesn't respond verbally I'm waiting for him to respond. I've always been strong in my faith of him, never doubted him, questioned some of his decisions with people I've lost, but all the while never lost faith. However, I never felt praying was necessary. When I was younger, I thought it was dumb to be honest let's recite these words and say Amen after them because that's clever. Okay, so maybe necessary isn't the term I should use...I never felt praying was useful...better? I never saw the point in "talking" to God without getting a verbal I never did it.

Due to the life changing events that have happened within the past six months (loss of my be…

Little Town..Full of Little People...

Well first things first...(look at me dropping lyrics left and right from songs lol). Alex and I no longer reside in Colorado. He was transferred to Fort Riley in Kansas. After 7 long years he said good-bye to Fort Carson and finishing up his Army career here. There are a few things that I need to mention about this life changing event. The move, the house, the town, and Fort Riley.

The Move
Super hectic. I gave myself a month to pack everything just in case we weren't able to have the Army move us, which surprise surprise we couldn't. I didn't find that out until two weeks before we were to be out of the apartment. This is where I should have came up with a plan. Me and plans haven't always seen eye to eye. I would plan on packing this room up one day only to be distracted by another room that needed fixing or laundry folded so it could be packed or getting rid of those god awful clothes that I haven't wore in 6 months (only for them to be mixed up with the bags of…