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A year ago today....

I wrote this two days after Jake passed away, but wanted to share it with you all today...on the 1 year remembrance of his life taken from us. 
I wanted to read it at the funeral, but in the midst of everything going on forgot to bring it with me. Some of these questions have been answered within this year, but the others will remain unanswered forever. 
June 28, 2014
I can't believe you're gone! I'm still waiting for a facebook status/snapchat/text/call saying "Haha! I GOT YOU ALL!!" Let's face it Jake you were quite the jokester. I didn't realize how much of an impact you had on our ENTIRE TOWN until this happened. The person that killed you has NO IDEA the grief they caused. I hate this person with a passion and I would LOVE to seek revenge on them. An eye for an eye right? I know that would get me no where and would do more harm than good.  I never imagined I would experience the loss of my best friend...especially the loss of you. There are so many r…