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Clear my head

I've been thinking of my Aunt Rhonda a ton lately. I remember three and a half years ago almost four years ago...I moved into her house to help her out when she was going through chemo. She never asked for anything, but I just knew when she needed my help and how considerate she was when I needed a place to stay. I wish she were here now, I talk about her all the time and I'm sad that Alex met her at her worst. She was so full of life even then, but he would've loved her when she was well. I'm sad that my future children will never get the chance to know her love, her kindness, her faith in God, and her selflessness like I did. The only thing I can do is try to do my best in teaching them that. I know she is watching down on all of us and smiling at all the good things we have accomplished, but I just feel like she was taken too soon. Our time was cut short and I don't think it's fair.