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Field training.

Hubby is out in the field yet again..and I'm not content with this whatsoever. Our communication is lacking again and I hate it. I know it's because he is out there and has hardly any phone reception, firing a gun all day and now that he is a SGT his responsibilities have doubles I'm sure. I guess I still don't fully trust him all the way yet. I still have feelings that he's texting and calling the gerbil. The first step in communication is telling him this. I suppose I will tomorrow.
That is all.


So I know everyone ... literally everyone ... has said that this year is going to be different for them. Well let's face it, no one will change. I, however, plan on it.

I've already changed in a major way. I've gone an entire week without any nicotine and it wasn't as hard as I thought. I definitely thought the drive home was going to break me because I've always associated driving with smoking.  Back when I used to hide my smoking from everyone I would just get in the car and drive. I really am tired of coughing non-stop when I wake up in the morning. Its getting to the point where I don't even enjoy smoking its more or less I do it because I'm addicted. NOT ANYMORE!!!

2012 was a horrible year for me...again I know everyone has said that, but it really has. And I'm sure there are people who have an even harder year than I have, but the events that when on throughout this past year made me realize how strong I still am and made me stronger than what I al…