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Don't Excite Me... the text message I just sent my husband because he can't wait to "cuddle" with me when he gets home on Sunday. I can't wait! They say absence makes the heart grow fonder. Well mine is about to burst. I don't know how it's gonna handle a year. I was just so happy that he had service all day today to text me.

In other news, apparently I am cheating on my husband with a classmate. In all actuality, the people accusing me of this are themselves cheating. I don't understand how someone can say they love their significant other so much and can't wait to try for another baby before deployment && then turn around and cheat on him as soon as he leaves...and for a month at that. && then turn around and accuse someone else of cheating. I mean seriously, grow the fuck up.

I start my 3rd college class tomorrow....YAY for personal! In less than a month I will be back in Muskegon. I cannot wait!!!

Crazy Busy!

It's been awhile. I'm sorry.

Let's see. Alex and I had a huge marital problem, but we talked it out like adults.
There was some tears shed, some yelling, but all in all we talked it out, admitted we both were wrong, and apologized to each other. We've been better ever since. Except for you know the whole
him leaving for a field simulation in LA for a month. He left on the 31st of January and has been gone ever since. I've talked to him a whole 3 times in the last two weeks. I mean I guess it's GREAT preparation for when the real thing comes, but that doesn't mean I have to like it. I hate hearing the end of a phone call with him now, it already sounds like he is deployed. UGH. Not to mention when he called last night he mentioned "You know I'd be getting out of the Army tomorrow [valentine's day]." Yes, thank you for informing me that I could be on my way home to Michigan right now friends and family waiting. "/

Work schedule has been hel…