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36 Weeks Pregnant!

Yes, I am!
After six years, Alex and I were finally blessed with a little one. A little boy to be exact.

We found out 4 days before Christmas 2015, and told our parents that night. It was their Christmas present.
First Ultrasound was at 10 weeks. His heartbeat was 157 bpm and as much as I wanted a girl, I knew from the moment I saw the ultrasound he was a boy.
Two weeks later...we let Lucky make the announcement to the world.
After, the world knew..Alex and I made a trip to Michigan for the last time until the big move back in May. Once back in Kansas, Alex left for 7 weeks to recruiting school.

When he left I was 14 weeks...when he came back I was 22 weeks. It was a huge difference.

The nice thing about Alex coming home, besides the fact that I missed him terribly, was that that was the same week we would find out if we were Team Pink or Team Blue. The day of our 22 week ultrasound, I had to drink 1 Liter of water within a half hour 1 1/2 hours before my appointment. Did I mention, I…