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Bittersweet Ending

I've processed over and over what I would say when my manager would come to me and say "I'm terminating you." I thought I would start telling everyone that I didn't like off. Cussing them all out and giving them a piece of my mind. Another thought would be, that I start balling and just run out of the kitchen crying. Instead, I signed the paperwork walked out of the office with my head held high, said my goodbyes to the select few that I chose to say goodbye to and then left. It was a good three year run. The longest job I've ever had. It's a bittersweet ending that's for sure.

On to a new chapter. I'm three weeks away from finishing school. Two months away from graduating, hopefully. Three months away from finding out where we will be living after Colorado and then hopefully come October, we'll be out of Colorado and can officially start a new beginning.

I pray everyday for a better tomorrow. I keep my head held high with every thing that is …