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it's nights like these where I wish I could call up some friends ... pick 'em up ... drive down to the beach && chill. I think a trip home is about due!

Coz' These Places && These Faces Are Getting Old.

So I'm getting homesick....
It all started at work today when I realized I won't be home for Father's Day.
There is so much going on this Summer that I will be missing out on.
...Jo-Jo's Open House...
...Em && D's Wedding...
...Family Reunion...
...Hanging out with the bestfriends...
&& I miss the beach.

I don't know the next time I'm going to be home so that's even worse.
Some days I feel like just jumping in the truck && driving home.
But know that I can't because I have responsibilities here.

I know I chose this life
&& it's great, but would be greater if my family && friends were closer.
Don't get me wrong I have friends here
Some that I consider family, but it's not the same.

Moment In Time...

Heard from Alex today =].
I was at work =[.
I pretty much sprinted out of the kitchen, so I didn't miss his call.
I don't care what the rules are I'm answering my phone when he calls.
regardless of where I am or what I am doing.
Did I mention I've been a 6 day work streak....ugh!
Nearly fell asleep in class tonight,
Wait I take that back I did fall asleep.
Tell me why I'm wide awake now...=\

Anyway....all morning I was thinking about how Alex hasn't called me yet.
Not gonna lie I was getting worried/upset.
Then an hour later, he called.
He sounds worn out and tired already.
I wish I could be there for him, help him in someway.
I love you baby! Can't wait to hear your voice and see your gorgeous face. =D

I Sleep Alone...I Cry Alone...

Well today has been the best day so far!
I woke up to the best phone call ever!!
The first one, of many, from Alex!
I ignored it the first time because I was half asleep && didn't recognize it.
The second time he called I jumped up because I realized
"Shit, that's Alex"
I told him I was doing okay && was honest with him about not being able to sleep.
It's weird because when he's here I can go in the bedroom and fall right asleep
whether he's in the bed with me or not.
Subconsciously, It's because I know he is here in this apartment.
When I got off the phone with I started crying.
I grabbed Lucky && just started bawling.

I've done nothing all day today.
Made some lunch and that's about it.
I definitely should clean this apartment.
&& probably my homework.


I know I've said this before ... BUT I am going to say it again.
I'm an insomniac.
I can run 100 miles a minute during the day and be tired the whole time, but as soon as it is time to go to bed...I'm wide awake again.
I've been watching Law & Order SVU on netflix since the day Alex left.
[which means I still haven't went && got a remote] lol.
I wish I never realized how quick this past week went because seems like it's taking forever.

I finally went to bed last night [or shall I say yesterday morning] at 230am...&& only because Lucky was practically yelling at me to go to bed. Eric left some over-the-counter sleeping pills here before he left. I think I might try 'em. It can't hurt I mean the worst it's going to do is make me stay awake. Surprise Surprise.

But I suppose I will go to bed...or try. I know not a very interesting read.

I'll Still Be Waiting..

So all day long I've had this lyric stuck in my head...
[by a pretty awesome band might I add]
"When all is said && done I'll still be here waiting"
it's the perfect lyric for my life right now.
&& for those of you that know me best I live my life based on quotes && lyrics.
It fits because no matter what happens throughout this deployment.
Whether we fight more than ever, or fall in love all over again.
I'm still going to be right here.

I woke up today feeling extremely tired
[like always it seems].
Got ready for work && as I was brushing my teeth I realized.
Holy cow, it's already Friday.
It seems like yesterday I was telling Alex good-bye.
If this next year goes as fast as this last week did, I won't complain.

I caught Lexi escaping from her kennel today.
That is one smart dog [or Lucky is just dumb].
Went to Wal-greens after work to get cable ties && tied 'em around the whole kennel.
If that doesn't work I have no i…

Waiting For Your Call...

The past few days have been rough for me.
Alex left on Monday, everything I read about deployments were true.
The anticipation was worse than the actual deployment.
Don't get me wrong this is hard as hell.
I hadn't heard from him since Tuesday when they were in Maine.
I got on facebook today && heard that two other wives had heard from their husbands
&& I'm not gonna lie I was upset that I hadn't heard from Alex yet.

I had class tonight and in the middle of class my phone starts going off (oops...)
I look at it and it says Alex J<3. =]
I got excited and opened the text message with shaky hands.
It was such a relief to read the words I love you baby.
Seeing these words have never made me happier.
[Don't get me wrong I love when Alex texts me that]
But it's a completely different feeling when my husband is a whole day && half ahead of me.

Needless to say, I thought for sure I wasn't going to be the typical "deployed" army wife.
I thought…