I Sleep Alone...I Cry Alone...

Well today has been the best day so far!
I woke up to the best phone call ever!!
The first one, of many, from Alex!
I ignored it the first time because I was half asleep && didn't recognize it.
The second time he called I jumped up because I realized
"Shit, that's Alex"
I told him I was doing okay && was honest with him about not being able to sleep.
It's weird because when he's here I can go in the bedroom and fall right asleep
whether he's in the bed with me or not.
Subconsciously, It's because I know he is here in this apartment.
When I got off the phone with I started crying.
I grabbed Lucky && just started bawling.

I've done nothing all day today.
Made some lunch and that's about it.
I definitely should clean this apartment.
&& probably my homework.


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