Hey Jealousy....

You decided to ween your way back into my life again. I thought I was rid of you, but turns out I'm not.
There is nothing I can do to make me stop being jealous of this girl. She's over there with my husband and has been for the past six months. She gets to see him pretty much every day. Now she wants to post pictures on facebook with him. It's like a slap in the face. She knows I can't stand her ass, and given the history of him and her I'm sure she's thinking that the past is going to repeat itself. She can think that all she wants, but I'm not like his ex. I will put up a fight.
That is all I guess.


  1. Have you told her how you feel? or even your hubby? Tell him you trust him not to cheat but you find it sort of disrespectful that they are taking pictures and posting them online?

  2. Yeah, I told him and he completely understands why I feel the way I do. He knew the moment she put that picture on Facebook that I was going to be upset. Not upset with him, but upset that he saw her for a third time when the first and second times I was not to thrilled about. The first time was an intentional meet...the second time was pure coincidence. He's deleted her from Facebook and his phone that he has over there. And he knows that I do trust him but I just can't trust her and I never will.


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