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I don't know what to feel, think, say, or do anymore. I understand marriages have hardships, but I hate that I take one little fight and blow it way out of proportion. At the time I think it's the best thing to do...just let it all off my chest, but the next day I regret it. It's like drunk texting. You know you shouldn't be texting what you're texting but you do it anyway...and regret it the next day. I'm living with someone who doesn't want to look at me now. In a sense I guess I was right last night, he isn't happy. The biggest issue I have over all of this...without going into the blowout of the argument because I don't want to relive it, is I shouldn't have to ask you to invite me places, especially when I'm your wife. Regardless if I have to work or not. You know what time I get off and that I always text you right when I'm on my way home. Instead of a "No, I'm not home" text how about a "No, I'm not home...h…