Waiting For Your Call...

The past few days have been rough for me.
Alex left on Monday, everything I read about deployments were true.
The anticipation was worse than the actual deployment.
Don't get me wrong this is hard as hell.
I hadn't heard from him since Tuesday when they were in Maine.
I got on facebook today && heard that two other wives had heard from their husbands
&& I'm not gonna lie I was upset that I hadn't heard from Alex yet.

I had class tonight and in the middle of class my phone starts going off (oops...)
I look at it and it says Alex J<3. =]
I got excited and opened the text message with shaky hands.
It was such a relief to read the words I love you baby.
Seeing these words have never made me happier.
[Don't get me wrong I love when Alex texts me that]
But it's a completely different feeling when my husband is a whole day && half ahead of me.

Needless to say, I thought for sure I wasn't going to be the typical "deployed" army wife.
I thought for sure I was going to be able to handle this like any other time he leaves.
&& get a chuckle out of the fact that all of the other wives are complaining of missing their soldier.
Boy, was I wrong.
I actually turned into the same thing that I said I wasn't going to be.
I promised that I wasn't going to leave sappy notes, messages, or posts on Alex's facebook.
That I wasn't going to complain that all the other wives were hearing from their husbands && I was not.
But I have done all of those things all in the matter of the three days he has been gone.

Anyway, I'm going to go I have two dogs I need to tend to.
I somehow need to figure out a way for Lexi (Smith's dog) to stop escaping from her kennel.

Until Next Time....


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