I'll Still Be Waiting..

So all day long I've had this lyric stuck in my head...
[by a pretty awesome band might I add]
"When all is said && done I'll still be here waiting"
it's the perfect lyric for my life right now.
&& for those of you that know me best I live my life based on quotes && lyrics.
It fits because no matter what happens throughout this deployment.
Whether we fight more than ever, or fall in love all over again.
I'm still going to be right here.

I woke up today feeling extremely tired
[like always it seems].
Got ready for work && as I was brushing my teeth I realized.
Holy cow, it's already Friday.
It seems like yesterday I was telling Alex good-bye.
If this next year goes as fast as this last week did, I won't complain.

I caught Lexi escaping from her kennel today.
That is one smart dog [or Lucky is just dumb].
Went to Wal-greens after work to get cable ties && tied 'em around the whole kennel.
If that doesn't work I have no idea what to do, but buy her a new kennel [ugh!].

Here comes my vent:
I don't know what is wrong with the management that I work for...
They hire the most retarded [for lack of a better word] people in Colorado Springs.
A lady told the whole trayline that she was going to run a cart 5 different times.
By the time she went to go run the cart && began to say it again...
I finally had enough [well that was by the 3rd time] && said.
Will you just run the damn cart && shut-up.
I can't say if she heard me or not, but oh well..that's not the point.
I'm tired of people saying I'm bossy because I am constantly telling them what to do.
If they would just do the damn job I wouldn't have to say
Go take your break.
You can run this cart ... it's ready.
I also shouldn't have to come back from a 15 minute break to find
that my area is a complete chaotic mess.
&& then when I ask what the hell happened you state, well you left it this way.
Listen guy, I know how I left my area && it sure was not like this.
I think I just need to find a new job.


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