Moment In Time...

Heard from Alex today =].
I was at work =[.
I pretty much sprinted out of the kitchen, so I didn't miss his call.
I don't care what the rules are I'm answering my phone when he calls.
regardless of where I am or what I am doing.
Did I mention I've been a 6 day work streak....ugh!
Nearly fell asleep in class tonight,
Wait I take that back I did fall asleep.
Tell me why I'm wide awake now...=\

Anyway....all morning I was thinking about how Alex hasn't called me yet.
Not gonna lie I was getting worried/upset.
Then an hour later, he called.
He sounds worn out and tired already.
I wish I could be there for him, help him in someway.
I love you baby! Can't wait to hear your voice and see your gorgeous face. =D


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