Far Away

Damn insomnia.
I feel like I am 18 again. I think it's because I haven't had a blog since then lol.
I hate when Alex is gone. I don't ever sleep. I nap. It's no bueno.
Especially since I have to work tomorrow at 8 in the morning.
So yes that means I had my hopes up all day that he would be able to come home just to get that text message saying i'm not coming home tonight =[.

I bought a book today. It's the first book from the Lauren Conrad series. I loved her on The Hills. So I figured I could give her books a chance. Not to mention I've been in the reading mood lately, the books I really wanted to read I bought for a classmate. I figured I'd pass the time, waiting for Maureen to finish those books, by reading LC's books. Which reminds I should probably hit the hay, or rather listen to pandora radio && read until I fall asleep.


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