So fricken irritated with this financial aid BS.
Please tell me why they need my husband's tax forms when we weren't married until December of 2009? We filed married but filing separately. && why in the heck are they not giving me my military spouse discount? I've asked both of these questions to my financial advisor && she simply stated because it's policy. I don't care if it's policy all of this was done and faxed to her before I started in December. I enrolled in September. Tell me why she still hasn't received it? Or did she lose it && is trying to put the blame on me. I'm sorry that your an unorganized mousy looking woman, but don't try blaming me for YOUR mistake.

Did I mention I also have to drive 19 miles to a hospital I didn't apply to work at tomorrow. I have to work 12 hours at a hospital that beds 90 patients the busiest they've ever been was a patient count of 53. I'm pretty sure if the roads are slick as hell I'm calling off. I'm not going to risk my life to go to work for a mere 10.38/hr. There are at least a dozen people that are willing to work up there no problem or live right down the street from that hospital send them.

Okay, I think my rant is finished. I may or may not post again tonight.


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