Weather Blows

So Alex left on Friday.
Yes, I am fully aware that it's just WLC but knowing that my six months with him has been cut in half is killing me. He comes home every night at about 9pm, but is so tired that he goes straight to bed. He leaves at 5am && the routine starts all over. Tonight he may not even come home because of the stupid weather. Stupid snow/ice almost made me get into a wreck today. I had to go into oncoming traffic and nearly into a ditch just to avoid an accident. I'm sure if I were to tell my husband he wouldn't mind. I'm sure he would rather me go into a ditch then smash the back of another vehicle.

My stupid financial aid still hasn't gone thru yet. They aren't giving me my discount for being a military spouse, nor returning my calls. If I get dropped from my next class I'm just going to give up on school all together. This will be the third time my financial aid has screwed me over. Third time is supposed to be the charm right? Ha! I beg to differ.

Well I suppose I better get back to watching Law & Order:SVU Season 2 marathon. I've got eight more seasons to go. I'm sure this will get me through the deployment also. ha!


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