It's the Final Countdown

&& I totally do not mean that in a good way what's so ever. My soldier will be deploying the first week in June. I have one weekend left to spend with him, thanks to my job. Then it's good-bye. I hate good-bye's btw. They suck. Even see you later's stink. Nothing about leaving is happy. I know I can go through the next year just fine without him, but there is still the initial worry of "what the heck is going on over there" I won't be able to contact him everyday I'm going to have to wait for him to be able to contact me. That's the part I hated the last time. He would always end his phone calls with "ok well I'll try to call you tomorrow" or "i'll talk to you soon" I hated it. Coz' I never knew when that was going to be. I've lost a couple times already and have said some hurtful things to him in the process. Why can't this all just be easy?


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